Lawyers compete but won’t win


On Wednesday of last week I was involved in a minor traffic accident. While stopped at a red light, I was hit from behind.

Moments after an accident, humans seem to run on autopilot. First making sure all parties involved are OK. Second most likely examine vehicles to assess the damages. Lastly, unfortunately at this time there are tickets and citations sometimes issued. The majority of the time it should then read “The End,” “That’s a Wrap,” “Roll Credits.” But not always.

Then enters a new species. Perhaps a blended version of birds and mammals. Educated vultures who want to add chapter upon chapter to a story that was clearly over.

I received a call at work stating I had a right to see a specialist after my accident. Click I hung up. By the next morning I had received four large envelopes from attorneys containing DVDs, my accident report, business cards, testimonials and magnets with catchy lingos so I would be sure to never forget their phone numbers.

Hanging from my paper box was a red plastic bag filled with goodies as yet another lawyer wanted to represent me. The competition was getting steep.

Next week, I will once again head to work. I will earn my money the old-fashioned way put in hours, receive a paycheck. If I am looking for a quick windfall of money, I will live on the edge and buy a lottery ticket. What I will not do is participate in an unwarranted lawsuit.

Chrissy Keirsey

Mineral Ridge