King Graves Road site of many crashes


I am writing to say that the Howland Police Department might not have seen a body on King Graves Road due to lack of lighting and the distance from the scene.

I feel for the family for their loss. The Howland Police Department does need to consider more training for its officers and more compliance of speed limits on King Graves Road.

There are too many accidents on Howland-Wilson and King Graves roads. I myself was in an accident in 2002 where a woman ran a stop sign, and I hit her broadside. The Howland Police did not even take her insurance information, and this woman left me with more than $10,000 in loss of vehicle and medical bills.

After I had taken her to court and won a judgment against her, her license was suspended. My attorney and the courts could not even find her. She moved and changed phone numbers to duck paying any of my bills.

— Larry Villers, Warren