Join revitalization of Warren neighborhood


I am so happy that the houses are finally coming down, with the Moving Ohio Forward Grant money from the state of Ohio. I want to personally thank the M&M demolition and landscaping company, special shout out to Flip and Dante, the excavating crane operators and the entire crew. I watched them take down three houses on Washington Street, which were beautiful once upon a time, but they had become havens for prostitutes and people up to no good. I spend countless hours picking up beer bottles, trash and used contraceptives to protect the children who catch the bus in the mornings on the corner of my street. Since the houses have come down it has changed the landscape of our neighborhood, and for that we are thankful.

I am proud to be a resident of Central City Warren Neighborhood, a.k.a. the “Garden District,” and look forward to the next few years of development by the residents of our neighborhood. This is the end of the second season for the community garden and finishing up our community pocket park. Both of these land reuse projects have brought pride back to our neighborhood by providing new and innovative ideas for our children to enjoy.

It could not have been done without support, and we thank the Trumbull 100 for their mini-grant to our community garden, special friends like Helen, Marie and Kenny and Robin for their gift to the project, even though they do not live in the immediate area. We appreciate R.J. Wean Foundation for their support of our neighborhood’s vision for itself. Our neighborhood has generated so many good reuse projects, and we are working toward changing the image of Warren as a whole. The city of Warren is made up of many parts, with many different needs; we are choosing to focus on ones that we can do for ourselves with a little financial help. I am happy that instead of focusing on what is not being done or being done wrong, we are moving forward on what we can do with a little bit of imagination and lots of elbow grease. Finding ways to repurpose land and resources has been both fun and very rewarding. Hopefully, this will develop strong neighborhood leadership that will share our values and concerns, and will communicate them in the necessary forums and keep us informed of important decisions that affect our city. We are glad that the city is moving forward so that we can continue working toward changing the reputation of the entire city of Warren, starting with “Area 51.”

Look for us to do our part of revitalization of Warren, and we are inviting some and challenging others to become a part of the solution.

What’s in your neighborhood?

— Joan S. Sullivan, Central City Neighborhood Association, Warren