Get facts about affordable care


As former President Ronald Reagan would say, ”There you go again.” I’m referring to your editorial entitled “Affordable care not clear for elderly” in which you accuse the government of making massive cuts to the Medicare program. Your example is a 2 percent cut in Medicare Advantage federal reimbursements.

I cite in response to your Dec. 28 editorial, ”Obamacare warning comes to pass,” that Medicare Advantage costs the taxpayers 14 percent more than the regular comprehensive Medicare. Since you have shown continuous and consistent concern for the taxpayers on various subjects, I would think you would be strongly in favor in cutting reimbursements to such a costly option.

Maybe you feel this is different because the taxpayers’ money is being reimbursed at a 14 percent higher-than-normal Medicare reimbursement since it goes to private insurance companies so they can participate in Medicare. Some see this as part of an overall movement to transfer all government services to the private area.

According to the January-February issue of the American Association of Retired Persons Bulletin, ”In view of continuing misconceptions about how the Affordable Care Act works, experts predict health care scams will become epidemic in 2014.” I sincerely hope that you, as a member of the very important Fourth Estate, do not become a possible innocent party to this prediction by not doing complete and factual reporting.

Joe Evans

West Farmington