Economy can grow with or without union


It’s nice to hear that Lordstown, Liberty and Youngstown are in the process of getting new businesses in their respective areas. I recently heard that a hotel is going to be built on Belmont Avenue in Liberty. A number of jobs and much-needed tax dollars will be generated through this new establishment.

I also noticed that the union has begun its attack on the owners of this new hotel, encouraging the use of union employees during its construction phase. I have no problem with a union or a nonunion construction crew. Jobs will be created, taxes will be paid and wages will be spent. The concern shouldn’t be if the individual is nonunion or a union employee; what’s important is that money is being put back into the local economy.

In the near future, are we going to see picketing in Liberty? Are we going to hear about equipment being sabotaged, construction employees being threatened and blockades disrupting incoming vehicles? The year is 2014 not 1960.

Maybe the local unions can come up with a better way to encourage businesses to employ union workers instead of the outdated methods that have been in place for many years. There is no anti-propaganda message in this editorial. I am not anti-union; in fact, I believe that the unions do increase the livelihood of their members – through better wages, benefits and employee representation.

With that said, I do not believe a new establishment should be persuaded to hire union employees and have to endure hardship through prehistoric measures. Union or nonunion money will be spent and taxes will be paid, giving a much-needed boost to the local economy.

Richard Casertano