Don’t let them take back the House


Don’t let them take the House. The basement has lost its constitutional foundation and the walls are infested with socialistic termites. Don’t let them take the House.

The plumbing is clogged up with the muck of big government, class warfare, manipulation, distraction and blame. Don’t let them take the House.

The electrical system has gone haywire with the minority whip’s short fuse, the website $634 Million disastrous rollout, and a liberal media pundit claiming his false god “came amongst us.”Don’t let them take the House.

The shingles on the roof have been exposed to the heat of passing the “Un” Affordable Care Act before reading it and to the cold reality of broken promises where “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Don’t let them take the House.

So renew your 2014 home security system and give of your time, money, and prayers to our Valley guardians of your taxpayer dollars: U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce (northern Trumbull and Portage, Ashtabula and Geauga Counties), U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson (southern Mahoning and Columbiana counties), and U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (western Pennsylvania). Don’t let them take the House.

The mortgage is now over $17 trillion in debt and the Senate majority leader recently invoked the nuclear option to end the filibuster and close the debate for our elected representatives in Congress, so now our system of checks and balances may go into foreclosure with more regulations and rubber stamp judicial appointees. Don’t let them take the House.

Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi want to take back the House majority more than life itself and watch the Mayflower truck haul away what is left of the American Dream. Don’t let them take the House.

Let’s enjoy watching them waddle, quack, and flap their wings like the lame ducks that they are over until the storms of change and forward winds subside and we can become once again a shining city on a hill and proudly declare God Bless America, not God Blank America! Don’t let them take the House.

Tom O’Neill