Community Bill of Rights a bad deal


The proposed Community Bill of Rights in Niles would be a bad deal for city residents. As a Farmington Township trustee, I would like to see the city of Niles take steps to bring jobs to Niles and our county, not send them elsewhere. By passing this ordinance, it would have a far-reaching impact on the city’s jobs, and that impact would only be negative.

The way this ordinance is written, it would affect nearly every business in Niles. It would open them up to frivolous lawsuits, even if those businesses were complying perfectly with every environmental law on the books. That’s something that would hurt the city’s ability to attract jobs. That’s why the city council rejected it, and that’s why voters in neighboring Youngstown have twice voted it down.

Let’s have some common sense. Please do not sign the petitions currently circulating for the Community Bill of Rights. Let’s forget this ordinance and concentrate on growing jobs in Niles and in our region.

Martha C. Yoder

West Farmington