Act of kindness at local restaurant


Recently my husband and I picked up our grandson from the wound center at St. Joseph Hospital. On our way home, we decided to stop and have breakfast.

We went to Perkins and had a nice breakfast. After we got done eating, the waitress came over and I asked for my check, and she told me that I didn’t owe anything, that my check was paid.

I said “What?” and she said that someone from the other side told his waitress to get our bill and bring it to him.

I knew nobody, so it was really a surprise.

Thank you from all three of us. We know you are special, and again, Thank You.

Season is for giving.

P.S. My grandson has Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair. He has been battling a sore on his tailbone for four years in September.

Shirly Johnson