Warren proves Darwin experiment


The intelligent design theory of natural science states that the Bible’s explanation of the creation of life on earth is true and that evolution is misleading. The world-famous pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins University, who is also a contributor to conservative talk shows now that he is in retirement, is a proud believer in intelligent design.

Dr. Carson is an African American who was brought up in Detroit by a father who preached the Seventh-day Adventist form of Christianity, Sabbath on Saturday not Sunday.

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity was able to predict the bending of light’s path in the sun’s gravitational field during a total eclipse in the year 1919. It also explained the odd orbit of Mercury around the Sun. It is for this reason that we live in Einstein’s solar system and not that of Sir Isaac Newton. The scientist who can give a better explanation of the world than that given by Charles Darwin will supplant Mr. Darwin.

We on the southwest side of Warren are living a Darwinian experiment in adaptation to a harsh environment. There are drug dealers and their clients, religious people who try to observe the law, and secular folk who abide by the law living in close proximity to each other.

Evolutionary biologists have conducted this experiment many times with different species of animals. William Muir, who is professor of animal sciences at Purdue University, published the findings of his experiment in 1996 in which he tried to increase egg production for the poultry industry. He found that when he put the best egg producers from different groups of chickens together, the hens either pecked each other to death or severely maimed each other and egg production went down.

It seems that the best egg producers from each group of chickens were the most evil hens who not only produced eggs, but worked to ensure that their sisters did not produce. The best result for egg production and peace in the chicken coop was finding the right ratio of evil chickens and law-abiding chickens.

Here we have a working model of southwest Warren. The reader should read drug dealer for evil and drug sales for egg production.

There are other predictions that can be made from this model. When people stop killing each other in turf battles, the result may not be optimal for the city of Warren. The smartest, most well-armed person will have consolidated his or her territory and will be ready to expand to other areas of Warren, Niles, Youngstown, Girard or anywhere they want to go.

The dismal predictions given by economics and evolutionary theory are the reason that men who have dedicated their lives to medicine, law and Christianity pray that redemption of the evil person can be a new part of our view of the world.

— Reginald O. Windom, Warren