Our drug epidemic keeps growing


There is now a high volume of drugs in communities all across America, far more than the average person realizes. Crime is an offspring of drug use. In the last couple of years it has grown rampant.

Violence is also an offspring of drug use. It totally changes the mental reasoning of a person and their behavior. So strong and powerful is drug addiction, the user becomes a total slave to the drug. Love, caring, commitment, honesty, respect and all other values we hold sacred are washed away with the use of the drug.

On occasion, a one-time use may destroy the mind – literally frying the person’s brain to the point that they will never return to normal again. Their life, from that point on, can never come back to what it once was.

If a person thinks they are indestructible, smarter than the drug, or can use it and let it go anytime they want, I have some really bad news for them – a proven fact – no, they can’t! Eventually the drug will control them, lead to the erosion of their health, and premature death.

Basically, it started across America in 1965 – marijuana use in our universities. Forty-eight years later, it has advanced to the point we are now witnessing everywhere. You cannot stop it at the border. That’s totally impossible.

By the time law enforcement gets involved and has to take action, it’s too late. The major damage has already been done. One way we as a nation might have very good results is through the education of our children. The change is not going to happen overnight, but it will be the beginning of a better life for all.

P.S. Years ago, I lost a younger brother to drug use.

– Paul R. Lawson, McDonald