Insurance policy pays most of bill


This is in response to a recent letter to the editor from Ian McAleer. In his article titled ”ACA still better than insurance,” he states the insurance industry’s old motto is ”deny, deny, till they all die.”

Certainly no policy, company or claims process goes 100 percent smooth 100 percent of the time. But if there are issues that cannot be resolved between the insured and the company, then the State Department of Insurance needs to be informed of the problem.

Every policy sold comes with the department’s name, address and toll free phone number. It costs you nothing to contact them and state your case. No attorney is needed. The department will act swiftly and courteously.

I find it amusing that during the whole Obamacare debate the benefit insurance companies provides to its policyholders is never brought up. Billions and billions in claims are paid annually for health care. Simple broken bones to major organ transplants and long-term cancer care and everything in between are covered.

Even when people abuse their bodies by smoking, drinking heavily and allowing themselves to be overweight, the plan pays when you become sick. When people do stupid things to harm themselves in accidents or crash because they text and drive, the plan pays. It also pays when accidents and illness are no fault of your own. Ask anyone who has had a heart bypass operation if they are grateful when $58,000 of their $60,000 in bills has been paid by insurance.

Mr. McAleer even injected slavery and race in his article to make his point. I wonder at whose feet he will lay blame when his ACA policy fails to meet his expectations. That is if he can ever get the website to work so he can sign up, get his policy issued, produce a bill and pay for it without keeping his personal information and security from being breached.

— Rod Zeck, Newton Falls