Debtor nation set up for next Dark Age


Since I started writing letters to the editor almost two years ago, I have repeatedly called for our leaders to tell the American people the truth about the situation our country is in. Although a number of writers have begun to get on board and be truthful to the public, it still hasn’t become clear to many people.

There seems to be an effort to keep “the folks” in the dark. Maybe our leaders don’t want to rock the political boat for fear of losing votes. Greed also plays a part in their aversion to truth.

Since our leaders don’t want to enlighten you, I will try.

First of all, we are not the richest nation on earth. We are, in fact, a debtor nation. We don’t act like it, but we are $17 trillion in debt.

And even more alarming are our unfunded liabilities of more than $75 trillion. These are the promises our country has made to our military, federal, state and municipal workers, with no means to keep the promises.

Still in the dark? How about military bases and installations all over the world in places that no longer need our presence. Not to mention embassies in countries that hate America and our way of life. We spend billions of dollars – that we don’t have – in foreign aid to be their friend.

Still in the dark? How about telling our younger citizens the truth about Social Security? If it is there for them, the age for collecting it will have to be increased. Also, we cannot continue to expand entitlement programs, and in truth, they will probably have to be reduced.

I think that’s about enough truth for now, but believe me, much, much more enlightenment is needed.

Centuries ago, history records a time called the Dark Ages. I hope history does not record a second Dark Age in the 21st century.

– Larry Shively, Niles