Warren united to make Halloween safe


With all the “bad rep” Warren has been getting lately, I just wanted to flip the coin on the other side.

This Halloween I was so impressed with all of the kids and their parents. I saw some mothers and fathers carrying their kids on their shoulders and others trying to shield them with umbrellas from the heavy rain and wind. I heard laughter, not negativity. There were a lot of “please” and “thank you.” Big brothers and big sisters holding their sibling’s hand tight while crossing the street … all of them united to make Halloween safe and fun, while I watched police, ambulances and block watch cars going up and down the street several times to be there in case there was a problem.

This is the Warren that I grew up in! Yes, we do have our problems, but there is more good out there than evil. We cannot rely on one person or group to make our situation better. We have to rely on ourselves, friends, family, churches, etc., and pay it forward. Let us all be an example that we can all be proud of. Pay it forward, Warren!

Peggy Paidas