Voters deserve thanks from schools


Many thanks to every citizen who voted in the election last Tuesday, and added thanks to those who were able to vote to support the Warren City Schools levy renewal. By two votes to one, the community made clear their support for a school district which keeps children safe, supports families in trying times and provides an education needed for good citizenship, self improvement and lifelong success.

Especially thanks to the many employees of the district who have $1 deducted from every pay and donate $26 per year to the Levy Committee, thanks to many local businesses for their generous financial support, thanks to Warren City Council and the City Administration for their commitment to the Warren City Schools, thanks to every family who asked for a sign for their yard and, particularly, thanks to all those who worked to make this campaign succeed-you are fabulous and too numerous to list.

Thank you all.

Don Emerson & John Fowley, Co-chairmen

Gussie Reed, Treasurer

Citizens’ Committee for the Warren City Schools