The hidden truth of Obamacare


I am writing to inform the people of this community the growing threat and impact of Obamacare on the medical profession.

As of this writing, I am winding down on closing my solo private practice for good and joining corporate medicine. I decided to make this personal choice borne out of sheer frustration and disappointment of not being able to be financially sound to meet the growing demands of the new bureaucratic monstrosity that the Affordable Care Act has turned out to be.

With more regulations to contend with, coupled with shrinking reimbursements, it has become impossible for a dedicated practitioner such as myself to hold my head above ground.

Sadly, this is not alien to my case. I have known and heard the departure of some of our beloved specialists and primary care physicians from this community in lieu of better opportunities out of state.

More and more of my colleagues will be contemplating the same dilemma in the coming months or year in the desperate attempt to survive as the government and big insurance companies lay their demands on us private practitioners.

What the people of this community do not understand is that even with the “promise” of getting insurance, there will be no guarantee of getting the commensurate good medical care from your trusted physicians because they may be “employed” by bigger corporate medical groups, or worse, no longer be practicing.

Outside of the private practice dilemma, I have become aware of hospital systems trying to re-invent themselves to comply with their own regulatory demands to the point of laying off their own people to “outsource” their employee jobs in the guise of becoming cost-efficient machines.

In closing, what we American people thought would be the magic bullet to solve the ails of a crippled American health care system will actually end up to be the death of what we know Hippocratic medicine was established to be. As we move toward a frantic effort to insure everyone, we will end up sacrificing our freedom to choose the quality of health and life we want to live.

Dr. Marisha Agana