Republicans working within Constitution


Recently, two articles by syndicated columnists and one by a citizen of Niles appeared in the Tribune attempting to place the blame for the partial government shutdown on the Republicans.

They repeat the Democrat talking point that Obamacare should be left untouched because it’s a law that was passed by Congress and signed by the president.

The Democrats insult every American by viewing them as dumb enough to believe that once a law is passed, it can’t be changed.

During President Bush’s presidency, Congress passed a law that he signed that mandated 700 miles of fences to be constructed along our border with Mexico. Three months after passage, the Democrats took control of the Congress and Nancy Pelosi defunded the law without a peep from any lawmaker.

Democrats are fond of giving the impression that defunding a law is somehow underhanded, when in fact it is a perfect example of just how exquisitely our Constitution was constructed.

The framers made it so all funding must originate with the House side of Congress, giving them the right to decide what does, and does not get funded. The purpose is to provide a check on the power of the Presidency.

Our Constitution was designed to give great power to the president in matters of war, but was constructed to give greater power to Congress in peacetime matters.

In determining where to place blame for the shutdown, consider the actions of both parties. The Republicans have voted to fund all departments of government except Obamacare. The Democrats however, will not fund any department unless Obamacare is included.

The Democrats, not satisfied with the Republican’s Constitutional right to not fund Obamacare, have decided to shut down government until they get their way. And the president is seeing to it that the shutdown is as painful as he can make it.

Daniel Moadus Jr.