Put some pride into Packard Music Hall


Recently the pride in my birth county took a sudden hit. I have always taken pride in the Packard Music Hall. Some of the most famous and talented people in “the world” have been on its stage. Tuesday, Oct. 15, my wife and I came from Ashtabula County to see a very talented entertainer, Brian Roman, and were appalled to find no seats on the first level and instead were faced with several stairways to climb to find available seats. There is no elevator! I was not the only one to lament the sad fact. This great hall has brought a lot of income to Warren and Trumbull County. Where is the pride and common sense for someone or an organization to put an elevator to the balcony?

The reason I noticed it more this time is that I just turned 84, and my legs don’t work like they used to. Lots of older couples were laboring to navigate the stairways. Help, anyone?

Clarence E. Ashburn