Politicizing the White House garden


Last week, there were several news reports (Daily Telegraph and Reuters, Oct. 14, and Washington Times and UPI, Oct. 15) regarding Michelle Obama bemoaning that because of the government shutdown, the National Park Service was unable to tend and White House staff were unavailable to pick vegetables growing in the White House kitchen garden.

Apparently, the Obamas weren’t willing to have their kids go out and pick the fresh vegetables, let alone do it themselves. Consequently, the produce was left to rot.

It would seem that the Obamas were more interested in providing media outlets with an anti-Republican narrative than inviting a Washington food bank to come in to harvest the fresh produce or offer it to any of the local soup kitchens.

So, if they were willing to watch the garden rot, rather than share its bounty with the less fortunate, what does that tell us about who and what they are?

Pat Reese

West Farmington