Packard should offer reserved seating


I think Warren Civic Music brings top-notch entertainment to the Packard Music Hall. I know the gal who gets the talent and she, Elly Monchak, does an excellent job. I have been going to the concerts for five-plus years and have always been satisfied with the shows.

The letter in the Tribune on Sunday, Nov. 10, from Clarence E. Ashburn from Ashtabula was exactly the feeling of a lot of patrons. I have spoken to as many people connected with WCM as I could about having reserved seating. I’ve been told it is not feasible at the price for the six shows.

I have a solution. When it is time to renew the subscription in the spring, people can request preferred seating. First come, first served. The seat would be the same for all six shows. At the Englebert Humperdinck show, there was reserved seating. I know there were different prices, but for the Barbershop Quartet show there are reserved seats and the price is the same.

At the Englebert show, the ushers had a seating chart and directed people to their seats. I agree with Mr. Ashburn since I have mobility problems and cannot climb a lot of steps. Furthermore, there are people who go to the Pack at 5 p.m. and stand for 1 and 1/2 hours (the doors open at 6:30) and get choice seats and save them for several people (a whole row sometimes). Is this fair? I cannot stand for 1 and 1/2 hours just to get a seat.

Having reserved seats will, one, eliminate people saving seats, and two, the season holders will send in their subscription money a lot sooner if they knew the choice seats were given first come, first served.

I know the people who manage the WCM are all intelligent people. I know they can come up with a solution. I have given them a solution. Unless I am missing something, why not try it?

About the parking. One side of the property is all grass. Why not pave this for more parking? The people who attend the concerts at the Pack are mostly elderly and there aren’t enough close parking spaces. Why is there all that grass when it can be put to good use another way?

The Packard Music Hall is a wonderful venue and more entertainment is coming to that place. Let’s make it easier for people to come and enjoy the good entertainment provided.

I know people are getting disgusted about the above mentioned frustrations to the point they may not subscribe again.


Pat Zoccali