Never give up will of people for will of self


The shortest letter I think I’ve ever sent. It proves my point on my opposition to Ben Franklin’s quote of anyone who thinks giving up a little liberty for security deserves neither. Watching “Lincoln” tonight – and only a short part – I have observed a point in fact that I have advocated over the years. Quoting Lincoln in the film: “If we submit to law, Alex, even submit to loosing freedoms, the freedom to oppress for instance, we may discover other freedoms previously unknown to us.”

I believe and have seen the empirical evidence of this where government lives and breathes. It is where the people learn when they honor and obey the will of themselves over the selfishness of the individual without destroying the individual but instead, giving the individual more freedom to advance themselves and others at the same time. It is the heart and soul of my book “The Profit Motive / The Prophet’s Motive.”

Leif P. Damstoft Sr.