LaPolla is the right pick for Howland Trustee


I strongly support Dr. Jim LaPolla for Howland Township Trustee. If elected, Dr. LaPolla will provide the able leadership that will strongly complement the excellent work of Township Administrator Darlene St. George.

Jim has established an outstanding record of accomplishment as a member of the Township Park Board. His dedication and community involvement for Howland Township is second to none.

The parks in Howland are clean, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. People come from all over the area with their families to use the parks for picnics, exercise, sports, and family recreation.

Jim has offered innovative ideas to improve the quality of life in Howland that will not require tax hikes and still offer a balanced budget. He has proven himself as a leader as past Rotary and Jaycee president.

As a past Eagle Scout, Jim has always been an integral part of Howland both as a resident and as a Doctor of Podiatry whose office is also located in Howland. He deserves your support and VOTE!

Michael G. Verich


Note: Verich is a former nine-term state representative.