It’s the return of the levy in Liberty


Here we go again, Liberty property owners; the return of “THE LEVY.”

Liberty residents are being asked to support a road levy, and once again, the cost will fall on the backs of – the property owners?

Wait a minute, property owners are not the only ones who use the roads, so why should they shoulder the full burden?

This levy is supposed to generate $266,000 a year and the cost of paving one mile of road is $100,000. It will pay for paving, patching, road construction, and although it is not in the levy language, road salt for the 60 miles of road in the township.

According to the trustees, securing grants (what all local governments are trying to do) will help our dollars stretch so more roads can be paved. Maybe a flag to hang on the new poles on Belmont Avenue saying, ”Don’t worry, grants are on the way” will help.

With oil averaging $100-plus a barrel, not only will this levy be underfunded when it passes, it will need additional resources in the future just to meet its initial proposal. Remember the 911 levy; it was suppose to generate enough revenue to hire one or two police officers. Instead it broke the township.

Look how ridiculous this is. Liberty’s property taxes are 39 percent higher than the next-highest community in Trumbull County and we can’t afford to pave a road!

Does everyone who reads this realize how many communities would die to have a tax base equal to ours? We have to be the laughing stock of Trumbull County.

Up to November 2012, there were $6.2 million in unpaid property taxes in Liberty Township. Does being a responsible homeowner in Liberty mean you get stuck with the tab? I repeat again for all those skeptics, the higher the taxes, the lower the property values. Tried to sell a home lately?

The trustees say numerous residents have called to complain about the condition of the roads. I wonder if this is the only community they drive in? State law says roads must be maintained ”passable.” Those of us on fixed incomes are having a difficult time balancing our incomes, so for those who will ”throw a fit” if the roads aren’t smooth as glass, my suggestion is you pay for it.

I have been a Liberty resident since 1981 and my road has never been paved, but I would rather have a patched road than an empty home with knee high grass next door lowering my property value.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism is a great thing until you run out of other people’s money.” With the tax rate of Liberty Township being the highest in Trumbull County and 39 percent higher than the next-highest community in the county, people should be embarrassed to ask for more money.

Until there is a fair and equal proposal presented to ALL the residents who use the roads in Liberty Township for consideration, I urge you to once again vote NO on the road levy.

Edward E. Palumbo Jr.

Liberty Township