It is the economy, not the military


This past week was the first time that I have reviewed the comments that people posted in regard to the editorial titled ”Time to make some tough decisions” posted Oct. 20. Here are a few of the comments. Daniel wrote, “The GOP and the Tea-publicans have cost you $26 Billion recently. How’s that for fiscal responsibility?” WarrenProud wrote, “Businesses and the Rich need to pay their fair share of taxes.” Thediffrence wrote, Contrary to popular dis-information, we do not have a spending problem we have a revenue problem. Corporate America and the rich are not paying their fair share and that is a financial fact.” Twerker wrote, “Now saving people from catastrophic disaster comes way before trying to foresee our children’s place in the future. You want to look out for our children as an excuse to give up on the PEOPLE in trouble NOW.”

I don’t know about the rest of your readers, but I personally put my children’s welfare far above my own wants and needs. Apparently my article missed its mark; in summation, my article was about our government spending more money than it receives and our elected officials who can’t make the hard choices that would put us back on solid financial ground. The one suggestion I made was to simplify the current tax code to provide way for business to grow. A simplified tax code would encourage job growth by providing a way for additional people to start their own business without all of the complexities that currently exist. I would encourage you to read the book titled “FairTax: The Truth” by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Small businesses do have to pay taxes just like everyone else; in fact small business owners have to spend additional time and money in figuring out their tax liability and send in payments throughout the year, not just on April 15. I can’t speak for big business as to what tax breaks that they may or may not receive, but I can say with all certainty that many small business owners are successful without receiving any government loans, grants or tax favoring incentives for being in business.

Americans have one the greatest gifts that most of us overlook, our effort, persistence and resourcefulness provides us the tools required to achieve. Each and every one of us has the God given abilities, talents and gifts to provide for our families, all we have to do is find that niche and put forth the effort. It is not up to our elected representatives to provide jobs. It is their job to implement the proper policies and laws that will encourage sustainable long-term job growth which in turn will provide our nation with stability and security.

A robust and stable economy with high employment and extremely low unemployment is the cornerstone to any nation’s success. Our nation’s security depends more on the economy than it does the military.

— Tim Santell, Kinsman