Howland support staff supports school levy


Howland Local Schools support staff needs your “YES” vote on the Howland Local Schools levy.

Who is the support staff? We are a familiar face to your child.

We are the bus drivers, the first person your child sees on the start of a school day. Often times we help them tie their shoes, remind them to grab their book bag.

They tell us about Grandpa’s surgery. In reply, we say to them, “Tell Grandpa I hope he’s feeling better.” When we take them home, we make sure they arrive safe, smile and wish them a good evening.

We are the cooks that serve hot lunches with a smile on our faces, often calling a student by their first names: “How’s your day, Jimmy?” Sometimes we even give them lunch money because their upset that they forgot it.

We are the lunch / recess monitors who often tell a student, “Randy, eat all your vegetables” and “Wash your hands, Stacy.”

We are the monitors that send students to the school nurse because they got a skinned knee. We are the nurse’s aide that applies a bandage. “It will be OK, Timmy.”

We are the school secretary, because that skinned knee is bad enough to call Mom to come get them. We are the janitor, because they have gotten sick and the janitor is always keeping the school clean, always with a familiar smile, often with knowledge of their name: “It will be OK, Susie. Your mom has been called and she’s on her way.”

We are the groundskeepers mowing the recess area, lining the fields for all games. “Go get ’em tonight, Bobby. Win big.”

We are the mechanics that keep things running.

We are the support staff of Howland Local Schools. It’s all familiar to them, our faces, our kind words. So much of what we do goes unseen by parents and voters.

Not all, but most of us have maintained the same positions in bus routes, kitchen staff, janitorial, monitoring, nursing, secretarial, groundskeeping an many other positions for years just because we care about your children and your schools.

We have become your students’ ”familiar face” in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Over the past few years, we have had to combine / split bus routes, tighten up staffing and double work loads in support of financial issues that Howland Schools has faced. We have never complained publicly about having to lose routes, take on more cleaning or any other work duties. Your student counts on us being there for them. Your YES vote on the levy will ensure that.

I am a bus driver and I am writing this today to ask you to please support the Howland Local School District’s levy on the Nov. 5 ballot. Vote Yes. It will protect community property values and learning for another decade. Keep the familiar faces in your children’s schools.

The support staff needs your support. I am asking you to vote YES on this levy.

Charlene Humenik


Bus drivers, cooks, secretaries, library aides, educational assistants, maintenance personal, monitors, nurse’s aides, custodians, janitors and mechanics of Howland Local Schools also signed this letter.