His youth shouldn’t hinder votes for Roth


Leavittsburg (Warren Township) has had its share of debatable elections and controversies over the years. The derogatory remarks surrounding Caleb Roth and his campaign for Warren Township trustee have sickened my heart.

I’ve known Caleb for 10 years or so. He’s a passionate, well-rounded man with a very kind heart.

Apparently being young is criminal in the minds of some of our residents. I happen to think differently.

Caleb is 18 years old – old enough to go to war and protect our freedoms, but in the closed minds of certain people, not old enough to represent the taxpayers of Warren Township.

I applaud Caleb’s convictions. Whether you agree with them or not, he HAS convictions, and in this day of our youngsters having no regard for morals and standards, we should promote Caleb’s drive and ambitions instead of bashing them.

I’ve seen many older people – who are supposed to have become wiser with age – deliberately run down the path of self-centered greed and immorality. We need change in our government all around.

I’m voting for this young man. Everyone in Warren Township should write Caleb Roth in as Warren Township trustee. I believe he will do his best for us and that is all we can ask for.

Rhonda Drescher