Game cancellation let the bad guys win


Concerning the cancellation of the Nov. 1 Harding-Lorain football game:

I am sad for our seniors, whether football players, cheerleaders, majorettes or band members. At the last minute, we took their last game away from them, and there’s no way to give it back. Nor can any apology cover what amounts to punishing good kids for being good kids.

Since the issues that led to the cancellation had been brewing for a couple of weeks, why wasn’t a plan discussed earlier to make sure this game was played? It should have been moved to Lorain or a neutral site. Better yet, hold the game at Mollenkopf Stadium with a strong police presence and a message over the public-address system: “Gangbangers, look out. We’re taking our town back.”

The problems that caused the cancellation remain. When the bad guys can interrupt the lives of the good guys, then they’ve won. The good guys need a new strategy in the second half of this ball game.

James F. Baer