Disabled mistreated at local McDonald’s


Very frustrated! Store #3434 McDonald’s, 4291 Mahoning Ave, Champion, OH 44483-1928. My family and I were here on Sunday, Nov. 10, around 6 p.m. and the McDonald’s staff and the manager were ignorant and immature.

They verbally made fun of disabled / handicapped people who were there that night, treating them as less than human. They could be heard throughout the entire store. There were around 25 elderly disabled people in this store. They were from the Boyd’s House. They were polite, friendly and very well mannered. They also cleaned up after themselves. How they were treated by the McDonald’s staff and manager was disgusting and shameful. The staff said things like: “I am surprised that they can count that high” (they spent almost $300 that night and some of the staff took pictures of the receipt so they could show that re***ds can count), “We don’t need to wash the tables they probably licked them clean,” “They are disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed in public,” “Do you hear the way they talk? They sound stupid.” My son, who is also disabled, was in the store at that time and my wife was wearing her Fairhaven sweatshirt. It’s sad that this store hires and manages people who are ignorant, immature, rude bullies.

The Boyd’s House owners, corporate McDonald’s and the franchise owner were contacted about the incident. About three days later, I received a letter from McDonald’s customer service representative with a very hollow, generic, blow-me-off apology. That makes me even more upset. Apparently, they do not care as much as they should! I will never return to this store and neither will the Boyd’s House residents or staff.

John Petiya