Candidate: Choose pro, not hobbyist, for trustee


I am writing concerning the Howland Township trustees election. Recently, another letter writer said this race is about the future of Howland Township. I agree.

Here is my point to our voters. If you were going to build a home and several contractors were being considered, all of them offering to do the job at the same price, whom would you select?

A couple of them are like hobbyists who in their spare time have put up some shelving or painted a few rooms; the other is like a contractor who has spent his entire career in the home building trade and understands what a solid foundation means to the rest of the structure and has references attesting to his abilities.

This is, in essence, the race for Howland Township trustees.

I have spent my entire career protecting the fundamental rights of citizens before juries and government agencies as well as advising local governments and their departments on questions regarding the exercise of their legal authority.

So I ask our Howland voters, who do you want to represent you as your township trustee?

James T. Saker