Can’t blame it all on previous president


I almost believed in the words of Robert Reich, or rather, that he even put them out for publishing, “If you are on the right, you worry about taxes and regulations stifling innovation, out-of-control bureaucrats infringing on your freedom and government deficits as far as the eye can see.”

And Robert, if I may ask you and the readers of this publication, what is so terrible about that? And what was said by you regarding oversized military-industrial-congressional complex that spends “zillions” of dollars creating new weapons of mass destruction, spying on Americans and killing innocents abroad? How goes the drone strikes set forth by your president? How goes the blue states getting more and more military weapon fortunes? How goes the free birth control devices wanted by your ladies in waiting? And how goes my tax money being used for abortions?

Where are we citizens wrong, especially the conservatives, both the Democrat and Republican believers in stopping the destruction of our country when we fear the number of people on food stamps – 47 million -?and the real jobless rate of 14 percent and the spying by the White House on our public lives? Do you realize that 47 million people on food stamps is 16 percent of our nation? Is Mr. Bush still to blame for this? Food stamp participation grew nearly two times what it was in the five years of Obamaism! Unemployment grew nearly double after Obama took office – twice! Our $17 trillion debt to foreign countries, especially our greatest foe China, is nearly double that since the socialistic Democrats took office. And free phones to the public abound!

Every chance for our independence from oil, gas and other imports is shuttered by Obama. Why? Even having independent health care is taboo. I never wanted government health care, even Medicare, but I paid dearly as we soon are for this up and coming socialist single payment government health program.

What is happening when we allow our politicians to be hoodwinked by this administration? When their group commits terrific acts of cover up we are a bunch of Caspar Milquetoasts and let it slide.

What about the greater-than-normal homeless people living in parks and under bridges? Wake up and open your eyes and see what this nation is now compared to how it was before. How long can you and will you continue to blame the previous administration since this administration has done nothing except take vacations, play golf, a bit of hoops and take a back seat to all of the other nations that we once had leadership role?

Patrick M. Liste