Al Gore did more harm than good


Politics on the national level is like watching a play about kings written by William Shakespeare.

When Vice President Al Gore lost the 2000 election to W., the VP went into depression. He gained weight, grew a beard, and decided that he would fly around the world telling the rich and the powerful that they must not fly around the world.

The people of Fox News are not, in my opinion, often correct, but in their criticism of the vice president they hit the nail upon the head. He talked the talk but was blind to the fact that he did not walk the walk.

He also politicized the scientific work that was being done studying the increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A skilled politician, Vice President Gore did not realize that if he was for controlling carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, the Republicans were going to be against this new regulation and would push back against his initiative with every resource that they have available?

The naive world view of Mr. Gore lost him the 2000 election and may hurt the efforts of scientists to define the problem and come up with a pragmatic solution.

Republicans hunt, fish, and lead Boy and Girl Scout expeditions. Theodore Roosevelt knew how important it was to preserve the delicate balance between industrial waste and the earth’s ability to cleanse itself of these wastes. Please forgive liberals for being overenthusiastic and unrealistic. When we lose the race, we have a tendency to lose our perspective and our minds.

Reginald Windom