We need to take care of us first


I couldn’t understand why the government had to shut down because they couldn’t pay their debts. I knew China was a big holder of our debt but at what extent did we owe other countries I had no idea. I checked the Internet and then my head exploded with the number of countries who own us. There are too many to name.

OK, so then I wondered why we had to borrow from foreign countries in the first place. If everyone was paying their fair share of taxes, then why don’t we have enough money? I mean the rich. People who make more than $100,000. You might say this isn’t rich. It is by my standard and most of the people I know who don’t make anywhere near that amount of money.

I asked my son, Jerry, what about this concept. He tells me that the rich find loopholes so they don’t have to pay as much taxes. What? Is this fair? How can they sleep at night?

I think our government is corrupt. The more I pay attention to the news, the more I know the government doesn’t care one bit about us peons. They misuse funds from their campaigns by putting the money into their own personal accounts.

They use money from the taxpayers to take vacations and live extravagantly. While our government shut down many services, did the Congressmen and Senators still collect their pay check? My head is now hurting.

A lot of the people in Congress have been less moral by the many affairs they’ve had at the taxpayers’ expense. That should be a criminal offense. Isn’t that stealing?

The next time there is an election, I am going to vote for anyone who is not an incumbent. We need to rid our government of all the slime, greedy people who are living high on the hog.

If we have to borrow money to pay our debt, how can we send billions to foreign governments to build up their countries?

Often these same countries are at war within their own borders or with other neighboring countries.

Shouldn’t we take care of our own people first?

— Pat Zoccali, Warren