Urchek is best for Bazetta Township


How astute of your reporter to realize that the picture of the negative political sign regarding Don Urchek, who is running for re-election as township trustee, and the supposedly overpayment of health care benefits to his wife, Martha, resurfacing after five years could be coupled to appear on the same date and page.

I do not consider negative political signs to be newsworthy. But I do think that the missing letter from the township records by the prosecuting attorney absolving Mrs. Urchek was. Perhaps you should look into the flagrant removal of the letter. And write a correction in your newspaper and a personal apology to Mrs. Urchek. Such a letter exits.

Don Urchek was given an “orchid” by your newspaper for voting against the unnecessary creation of the position of assistant fire chief at a great cost to the township. I do not know of any such accolade for other trustees. The cabal of township trustees is not interested in serving the residents but maintaining their nepotism and significant job opportunities for family members. One dynasty is already established and the second one is emerging.

Don Urchek is the best thing that has happened to Bazetta Township, and I urge every voter who is interested in fair and honest government to return Don Urchek to office on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

— Katherine Crane, Bazetta Township