Time to make some tough decisions


In the past I have contacted my congressman in regard to my profound concern into what is currently transpiring in our government in regard to our fiscal responsibility. If spending is not kept in check all the taxing in the world will not pay down our national debt.

I would like to ask everyone to encourage their representative on both sides of the aisle to take on the challenge of this time in order to guarantee our children’s future. The debt ceiling debate was the same old broken record that is playing again and again for the past several years. We are once again on the precipice of defaulting on our financial obligation. This resembles the story of the boy who cried wolf, we keep hearing all the stories of what will happen and could happen “constant dome and gloom” that is being pumped out each day with no reasonable solutions that each side can agree upon.

It is quite apparent that we have a spending problem in America with an addiction to credit and neither side has a true solution to resolve this issue. We are tired of the Band-Aid fixes and kick the can down the road, only to have the same issue crop up a few months later. Have we the people been asking the correct questions to our elected representatives? Have we written to them to ask, what are their personal suggestions for fixing this issue? What members have they influenced with their plan? The America we have today will be far different than what it will be if this behavior of tax and spend continues. We can’t afford to keep postponing a true fix, even if it’s painful for all of us.

It is also crystal clear to most of us that the way our government collects taxes is inefficient and costly. With 70,000 thousand pages of tax code and several IRS employees, we the taxpayers have to belly up and pay for all of this along with fees to our accountants to figure out this hodgepodge mishmash mess of code. The current tax code penalizes the people who produce and supply employment to others and rewards those who do the minimum or nothing at all. The Fair Tax bill H.R. 25 would go a long way in promoting businesses and simplification in implementing the tax code so that business could thrive. Do we know what representatives are willing to make such a change and take on this challenge? It is through the tough and difficult times like this that tests each man’s true ability to rise above the pettiness that is prevalent in government and inspire others to make the hard choices that will ensure our nations growth and well being. Is there any local elected leaders that are taking up this challenge, or are they just playing it safe and toeing the party line.

Tim Santell