Throw out politicians, and shame on them


It broke my heart to see on the news the vets who went to Washington to see their memorial. They found they couldn’t get in. Some congressmen finally moved the fence. It was big of them.

If it were not so sad, it would almost be laughable. We want other countries to get along when our own government can’t manage to get things done they were elected to do. What a bunch of idiots we have in Washington.

I, along with some people I know, are sick to death of voting for these people. Some of us are so disheartened that we may just not vote any more. What’s the use? The people sent to serve us are doing a very poor job. They do what they want anyway, even if it isn’t good for the country.

I want to see the millions who have lost their jobs because of the morons in Washington go and pitch a tent on the White House lawn until the “intelligent” lawmakers do what is best for the country.

I know countries around the globe are just laughing at the lunacy of what has happened. We don’t like to see countries kill their own people. Well, what about people who have lost their jobs and can’t take care of their families? It may not be actually killing people per se, but their spirit.

I’d like to take each lawmaker by the scruff of their necks and throw them out on their ears. Shame on them.

— Pat Zoccali, Warren