Tea party to blame for partial shutdown


This letter is written in response to the current “government shutdown” courtesy of tea party Republicans. A more vile political faction has not existed within our country since the Confederacy. The danger they are putting us in as a nation is absolutely intolerable.

I’ll begin with a line I never thought I’d write: I feel sorry for Speaker of the House John Boehner. All he needs to do is hold a vote passing a clean funding of government and that would be it. But the loathsome tea party clique of his members refuses to cooperate with anything he attempts to do, and trying to reason with the bag heads must be akin to getting a rabid animal to roll over.

The only reason we have no functioning government at this moment is because the tea party elevates themselves above America and are willing to destroy our way of life to satisfy their blood lust. And it is the poor most of all who suffer while all constipation of public funding continues.

Dipped in nihilism and steeped in self-worship, the teabag of the tea party could very well be spiked with powerful narcotics. What is the purpose of a deliberately induced government shutdown when it damages the economy? This kind of behavior is what sinks a nation trying to recover. Is that the tea party’s goal, the destruction of our recovery? That’s certainly what they are working toward, with the debt ceiling default not far off.

And let me put something else very clearly: the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Regardless of the shutdown, Obamacare will continue functioning because it already has the necessary money allocated to it for the law to function. So this melodramatic effort to destroy the law by defunding everything else is misguided and a waste of everyone’s time.

The sad actions of the tea party are nothing more than McCarthyist self-worship. Shutting down the government over a law that extends health insurance to millions upon millions of uninsured? The tea party cares nothing for healing America and is more concerned with their decayed, spoiled-brat politics. I pity their blind arrogance.

Rest assured the president and his advisers are partially to blame for not just taking us over the “fiscal cliff” earlier this year. It is the tea party, however, that currently has its boot on the throat of America.

So people should not let the media and its false equivalence fool them: This is a problem created by the tea party. Let’s get the government functioning again and move on to the thriving America we all want and need.

This much is clear: The tea party must fall. America has a lot of updating to do.

— Robert Heltzel, Niles