Tea party may destroy way of life


What we have today is a faux republic. A republic is supposed to have representation that reflects the votes of the people. A republic is based on the democratic principle of majority rule. That majority has to be made up of representatives that reflect the votes cast by the people in order for the will of the people to be properly represented.

I really believe this needs fixed by the Supreme Court of the United States. Gerrymandering has to be outlawed as unconstitutional because of the results. It’s a strong simple argument. It is also good for what’s going on in Michigan with the emergency manager law. You can’t throw out the local republican form for an appointed dictator who has not one vote of the citizens he or she is now in charge of.

A Republican form of government is a form of a democracy. Just like a Ford is a form of a car, so is a General Motors car or a Chrysler. They are all cars simply made in a different form. Our Constitutional republic is a form of a democracy. A republic is based on majority wins, democratically run elections, of one person one vote. The representation also is to be reflected in the end result of who controls the government. Our system is known to have produced presidents who did not get the majority vote of the people but got the majority of the “electoral college” vote. When that happens and can be proven to happen then the system employed to produce the republic is flawed and no longer of republic form as required under the Constitution.

The tea party faction of the House will end up destroying our way of life soon unless the president acts and simply does one of two things, apply the 14th amendment and raise the debt ceiling himself or better yet, just use the tool the Republicans passed in the past and the president can order up from the treasury a few trillion dollar coins to be deposited into the account of the USA. The government would still be shut down but our country will survive. We can’t survive a default on our debt. It will destroy the dollar and what’s worse, a minority would be responsible for it. A minority that never takes responsibility for its actions but demands others to do so. Anyone who says otherwise simply is either stupid or lying because they want the government to default. Republicans are both because they do not want the government to be strong, they want it weak and limited. No better way to do that then to keep it in financial distress. Why else do you think they squandered surpluses left in 2000? Being fiscally responsible would have meant our whole debt would have been paid by now but they instead gave tax cuts to the rich and corporations and stuck wars on the country’s credit card for us to deal with now.

— Leif P. Damstoft, Warren