Support the levy for Howland schools


I am writing in support of the Howland Local School District’s levy on the Nov. 5 ballot. The 10-year, 3.9-mill additional emergency operating levy will strengthen education and learning in the district for years to come.

It will provide students with up-to-date technology and textbooks, along with school security and safety upgrades. The levy also would enable the district to retain teachers and stop student fee increases. In addition, the funds may allow the district to explore the option of providing all-day, every-day kindergarten.

The district has been facing many financial challenges. It has seen $2 million in funding cuts since 2011, voters have only approved one additional tax levy in 20 years and charter schools continue to siphon more and more money away from the district.

The levy will cost homeowners just $11.38 a month per $100,000 of their home’s assessed value. And, it will protect community property values and learning for at least another decade.

I strongly urge district voters to protect and promote learning in their community by voting FOR the Howland Local Schools levy on Nov. 5.

Jeff Chambers

Director of Communication Services

Ohio School Boards Association