LaPolla is the best choice in Howland


I feel that Dr. James Lapolla Jr. is the best candidate for election to the Howland Board of Trustees.

Dr. LaPolla has Howland’s best interest at heart, being a lifelong resident of the township, and he continues to support its future. He will be a breath of fresh air with positive new goals. I currently work with him on the Howland Health and Wellness Committee. He has pushed for programs to aid our residents to become more healthy and has worked with Trumbull County Metroparks to create a bike/hike trail in Howland for our citizens, which opened in 2012 with a trail of over one mile. And the trail continues to grow with a new section soon to open.

LaPolla currently serves on the Howland Park Board and there have been many new additions to the park lately. The park continues to be very well utilized by the citizens of Howland and is truly an asset to the community.

He cares about Howland’s future. He wants to keep our township progressive with developing businesses along state Route 46, which would raise our property values and increase our township financial resources so that we could repair roads or pay our fire and police departments better. We have had many areas of Howland annexed and therefore lost a lot of tax revenues which will never be regained. This election is about our future.

Please support Dr. James LaPolla Jr. on Nov. 5 so that Howland residents will have a progressive, healthy and community-minded leadership team. Thank you.

— Barb Rosenblum, Howland