Keep experienced persons in office


In this era when so many public office holders have forgotten to put public service above self service, it’s refreshing and encouraging to find one who has done so throughout his entire lifetime.

Dominic Marchese is one such individual. His entire adult life has been a demonstration of public service that anyone would be proud to have.

His years of military service, 25 years as a full-time Warren city firefighter, and 12 years as a township trustee are evidence of his career as a public servant. And, as if that weren’t enough, Dominic was appointed by the governor to the state Livestock Care Standards Board, where he currently services. Additionally, he was previously appointed to the Ohio Wildlife Council.

Here at home, Dominic’s 43-year experience as the owner/operator of Manna Farms means he’s an excellent advocate for all our local farmers.

Township veterans and seniors owe him another debt of gratitude as he was the driving force behind the rescue of the VFW building which is now shared by the VFW, the Johnston Senior Center and its trustees for meetings larger than the old town hall can accommodate. Dominic also was successful in having the county Sherriff’s Department establish a satellite office there in an effort to provide additional security for residents. I’ve been comparatively close to township operations for several years and I can verify that the job of trustee is extraordinarily time consuming. No one in this county does it for anything other than the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. Being a trustee is a 24-hour-a day job. It is truly a thankless job. And no one has dedicated him or herself to it more than Dominic.

With the retirement of another of our township’s experienced trustees and, therefore, with two to elect, now is not the time to install two new, inexperienced, untested replacements. We need the continuity of experience and service that Dominic Marchese can provide.

Please join with me in re-electing one of the finest trustees our township has ever had. Vote for Dominic Marchese.

— Bob Woofter, Cortland