DeWine is the attack dog on businesses


Since when did big-time casinos become more respectable than any other business?

As a dedicated Republican, I was taken aback by Attorney General Mike DeWine’s irresponsible remarks concerning Internet sweepstakes cafes. DeWine, backed by big casinos, is on a crusade against small “mom-and-pop” game rooms. He claims that the unregulated businesses, which operate within legal loopholes, could be involved in such nefarious activities as: money laundering, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, the Kennedy assassination, bed bug infestations, and UFO abductions.

DeWine seems to not realize that illegal nonsense can happen in any business or industry. It’s true that sweepstakes cafe’s fall within an area of the law that has no clearly defined regulations. But, the sweepstakes industry has no problem with instituting legitimate, business-friendly regulations to weed out most impropriety. But no law will weed out 100 percent of illegal activity anywhere.

In their heyday, casinos (as the ones most people are familiar with such as in Las Vegas) flourished under organized crime. In real life history and pop-culture, it is well known the partnership between mobsters and gambling casinos. Maybe their association is not as true today as throughout American history, but the association and glamorous mystique still exist. Yet, Ohio’s crusader for justice, Mike DeWine, chooses to be the attack dog for big casinos. Hmmm. He shills for outside corporations rather than local Ohioans. Why? Maybe we should all ask him and Governor Kasich.

I’m still a dedicated Republican, but very disappointed with the anti-small business stance of Columbus.

— Scott Kleinhans, Alliance