Activity on bike trails was bound to happen


When I read in Tuesday’s edition of the Tribune, on the front page it said “Man is attacked on Warren bike trail.” It came as no surprise. In fact, I knew eventually some idiots and crazies were going to do something like this. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I told my wife, “You watch, someone is going to end up getting beat up. Bike, money, whatever, stolen by thugs hangin’ out on the bike trails just waiting to do exactly what happened to Mr. Baldwin.

I’m very happy to hear that he was OK, because it could have been much worse, and thank God it wasn’t. I remember when Warren’s bike trail was being built at Griswald Street, going through the old North End Park, which looks beautiful now with all the trees, the shelter and picnic tables. By the way, one has already been stolen, graffiti written on the concrete, people burning the tables with their cigarettes, broken glass … so on and so forth.

I remember riding in my wheelchair with my two grandsons and their friends, the grass and weeds were kept cut, now the weeds are so tall between North Park and North River Road. Anyone could be hiding in the weeds and jump out at you and you wouldn’t even know until it was too late. I honestly believe there should be a “bike patrol,” patrolling in spring, summer and fall. I don’t know how this would get financed or who could do it. It would be a big job, I know that. And I also know that this is going to a repeat situation where these “crazy people” will do anything for a buck or a drug. It’s not going to stop.

The Warren Police Department said, don’t ride alone. Bikers are going to have to protect themselves now in order to enjoy a safe ride through Warren or any other place that has a bike trail running through it. I knew this was going to happen. I had a gut feeling about it. These idiots just can’t let good, decent people have a good time; they have to stick their noses in where they don’t belong. City Council needs to get together and come up with a solution, a plan to make these bike trails safer. I met Councilman John Brown last year when my grandson and I were on the trail near my home and talked about how nice it was to have something like this in Warren. Well, I think it’s going to get a lot uglier unless something is done to make it safe for the people who enjoy riding – adults as well as kids – to keep the bike trails safe.

Michael Adkins