Universal language still is violence


I am not one who believes that violence is a way to solve problems. It also takes a common belief when there is a dispute that violence is not the way to respond. The world, unfortunately, does not act or believe the same. Certain leaders do not believe or act in the ways of peace either. Syria is one of them. The leader of Syria does not understand the language of peace. If he did believe in peaceful ways he would not have started the civil war when the people of his country started to protest the problems they have with him and his government.

Understanding what is and has happened in Syria and what our response to it is really not complicated but it creates a lot of complicated options and outcomes.

We, the people of the United States, have a government by design to do this every four years. The people of Syria do not have such a government nor does most of the world. What is most important in the Constitution is how it applies to Syria.

What is happening in Syria is an assault on all of humanity and is therefore an assault upon us if you need to have a direct and selfish reason to help someone else. The arguments being raised are mostly about “our own interests.” If it doesn’t directly affect us then we need not act. Why should anyone here care if someone in Syria and their children are gassed to death? That is a sad selfish state of morality if you have to make that kind of argument to say we should do nothing.

Language is different but there is one form of language that is universal and that is violence. Violence is a form of language of the most primitive form. Unfortunately, there are many people who lead countries who speak that language and only understand that kind of language. Getting the United Nations Security council to agree what to do in Syria is really impossible. The Russians and China can simply veto any proposal. It’s like getting Republicans to pass anything the president wants to do to help the country. It simply will not happen unless there is a change of heart in those doing the obstruction or they are not a part of the decision making process. We can vote out the obstructionist Republicans. Our Founding Fathers gave us that ability with voting. We cannot change the makeup of the UN Security council. I support our president because I understand the difference between today’s Syria and last decade’s Iraq. No sane person wants violence. Until the golden rule is accepted by all of humanity or at least those in positions of power like Assad, then we will be unfortunately bound to continue speaking in that primitive language of violence because that is what Assad and those like him only understand.

Leif P. Damstoft