There is no need for action in Syria


People need to let their representatives hear their voice and say no on the military action in Syria!

I am very concerned with what President Obama is requesting in the way of military action in Syria. We have seen enough war for the past decade to last my lifetime. No matter what our intelligence gathering professionals may tell, us there will always be a factor of uncertainty of who used these weapons. There is nothing for us to gain in this conflict and much we can lose in regard to another prolonged conflict. Can anyone tell me with total certainty that the proposed air strikes will not harm a single civilian? The answer to this is clear, there is no way we can destroy these weapons and not hurt civilians. We will cause more deaths in that region which will then spark additional abhorrence toward the U.S.

Haven’t we learned our lesson? Leave the Middle East alone. We seem to think that everyone wants to have the same government we do and that is not true. If we would remove Bashar Assad we would be taking out a stabilizing factor. Is he a dictator? The answer is yes, but up to this point he has been able to maintain control over a people that would fight each other until the end of time. Just like in Iraq, once the reign of Hussein was over the people of Iraq had no clue how to act. They instantly started killing each other because of their Islamic beliefs were different from the other ones. These wars impoverished our nation with no tangible goals achieved, and we are no safer today then we were on Sept. 11, 2001. During the Bush administration, everyone was told that Iraq had WMDs and had played a major role in the twin towers air line attack, both so called facts were false.

How many of our young men and women do we need to lose before we figure out that the people in the Middle East don’t value life as we do? They don’t care about their women or children, any group of people that would strap bombs on their youth and tell their children that they are doing this for Allah is fanatical, to say the least. Their moral compass doesn’t work; they thrive on death, misery, pain, killing and beating of their women. How can any of us understand that?

People should call, email or write their local elected officials and tell them that we don’t want this limited action in Syria. We want our young men and women home, not fighting a civil war. We have to learn that you can’t make peace by bombing a country where we will certainly kill innocent people who in turn will abhor Americans even more.

Tim Santell