Paul Warfield never forgot about Warren


Once again I find it necessary to speak of Paul Warfield. It is only befitting that he gets recognition in his hometown. Kudos to all involved, including my former classmate, Ray Yannuci.

How appropriate to rename the street in front of the school “Paul Warfield Way.” Paul has always lead the way so many levels, not just athletically.

The saying “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.” The way he handled himself throughout the journey is why he was looked up to by so many people. The reason he was so highly respected is because he gave respect.

When Paul was in junior high school, my sister-in-law, who has her master’s degree in physical education and was the head of the Ashtabula branch of Kent Physical Education Department, remembers when she was involved in the summer playground program in Warren. Paul was always the first one to offer help. He showed leadership skills at a young age. Even with all the fame he received, he always remained very humble.

When I travel and say I am from Warren, when people don’t know where that is, I tell them the home of Paul Warfield.

The statue is a wonderful reminder of the things you can accomplish in life.

The best to Paul as he continues his journey, and I’m thankful he never forgot Warren.

We sure are proud of him.

Kay Dailey