Our local loss is someone else’s gain


I read with interest the article about the opportunity lost to bring 500 new manufacturing jobs to the Mahoning Valley. These jobs would have paid approximately $26,000 per year and added as much as $13,000,000 annually in taxable wages to our region.

It is unfortunate that a major employer with that type of potential was not deserving of a full court press by the State of Ohio and our elected representatives. According to the article, the Regional Chamber did not even become involved until talks had been under way for six months with “officials on the state level!” There was no mention in the article about any direct involvement by our state representative, state senator, local congressman or governor in this effort while the South Carolina effort appeared to have the direct involvement of their Governor Nikki Haley.

If JobsOhio hopes to be successful in attracting and establishing new business opportunities in Ohio, they will need to assemble a team of elected officials and business leaders to act as a “quick strike force” to identify and take advantage of these opportunities. When a company makes a decision to move a facility or open a facility, they do not want to wait nine months or more for a municipality to assemble a proposal for relocation. A team should be available to make a proposal on very short notice to any major manufacturer that expresses an interest in coming to Ohio and especially the Mahoning Valley.

Did JobsOhio even send out a team to sell Mr. O’Shaughnessy and his staff on the benefits of relocating to the Valley? Our loss is South Carolina’s gain, and a large facility here still stands vacant.

Steve Stoyak