Officials must follow the same rules


Recently our elected representative to Ohio State Legislature was found to be harboring other persons in his single family dwelling located in the northeast portion of Warren, contrary to law. Isn’t this the same Tom Letson who in the past sat on the Warren board of health appeals board, condemning hundreds of other property owners’ homes without providing them opportunity to repair their dwellings?

On that board, consisting of Mr. Pinti (during the reign of Mayors Angelo and O’Brien), the clerk of Warren Municipal Court and others just to name a few without hesitation, ordered the demolition of properties, destroying the tax base of the city and schools eventually to increase the real estate taxes we must all pay. Ironic, indeed.

Disregarding Mr. Letson’s reputation as a good husband and father, he must be accountable and follow the same reasoning his house would also be demolished, an unlikely outcome when political hypocrisy is brought into play.

Politicians and media alike must deal in reality; if not, where is the Russian plane to be built at the airbase or the lighter-than-air airships or Pavarotti singing at the local music hall? None of this occurred, and in all probability that house will continue as a nuisance, contrary to the wishes of its neighbors.

If the politicians and bureaucrats have the time to give out ”misinformation,” they certainly have an obligation to obey the city rules like they expect from every other citizen.

Now it is time to target themselves, obey the rules and learn from Mr. Letson the lesson of full compliance before asking others to do the same.

Pat Mazzi