Obama made the country look weak


Yes, this is Syria’s war, and if the people in Washington who represent us do not listen to us to not go to war, and believe me when you fire one missile on Syria that is war, then how will you vote in 2014?

If they side with Mr. Obama, they will only anger Russia, Iraq, Pakistan and worst of all Iran, which is the one country we should worry about. Syria will have the right to bomb the United States of America, and all the Middle East countries will be on it; they do not and have never liked us interfering in the first place.

Where was Mr. Obama when the first 100,000 people were being killed by bullets and sarin gas for the last three years, and did the Assad regime really do the sarin gas? The American people need to see pictures of his regime doing it; we have been suckered into this kind of war before. And Mr. Obama will expand this into an all-out war.

I am not ready for World War III, and it has been said this will end us because it will be a nuclear war.

We have no knowledge of what other countries have in the way of weapons. I do not care what surveillance pictures our government has. The enemy hides their weapons. There are no guarantees in waging war.

Mr. Obama may be unleashing a sleeping giant he knows nothing about. He really has no experience on foreign affairs. This man is in charge of our country; this is no his country alone to do as he wishes. This country is war weary. How many more of another generation will be killed? And if he decides to go to war, then he should give back the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr. Obama said the United States credibility is on the line; I beg to differ. I think his credibility is on the line as well as his ego to save face. He asked Congress to agree with him after he said he would go at it alone. But he then said he will bomb Syria anyway, with or without their vote.

And the American people, 91 percent say no to war. That sounds like arrogance. When Mr. Obama first came into office he went around the world his first year apologizing to all foreign nations for America’s arrogance. Excuse me, he just made us look weak in their eyes when he did that.

Ruth Lilley