Finger pointing begins over jobs lost


About the loss of 500 jobs in our area:

Shame, shame, shame on all who were involved with the negotiations that led the new company to go to South Carolina. Great job. I see it isn’t taking long for the finger pointing to start. I say let’s blame President Obama.

I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who did what or didn’t do that. It’s too late. Hopefully whatever the issues were, and be sure we the public will never know, hope that if another opportunity knocks at the door in Warren we would be ready to do whatever it takes to bring those jobs into our area. What really hurts is that these would of been 500 jobs not only new to our area but new to Ohio, and the U.S.A. Wow, what an opportunity.

So I hope whatever the roadblock was and what was taking so much time that they couldn’t meet this company’s deadlines will be worth it for our city. Of course this isn’t the first example of how the city of Warren likes to treat new businesses in our area. We had the great distinction of having a Warren city councilman picketing the new Bottom Dollar store to not shop at this store right after it opened. That showed how much we hope they are successful in our area. My feeling, he represents the Warren city council, and it reflects on how the city feels about this business.

I realize we have freedom of speech, but I believe the councilman used very poor judgment, and I for one would never vote for him again.

Dennis Kane