Energy is our friend, not our enemy


Attacking successful industries is no way to put people back to work and improve the economic future of our families. We have seen too many proposals from Washington, D.C., to just tax and tax energy companies. I’m also tired of seeing our government regulators drag their feet on approving energy projects such as natural gas export terminals that would help make America stronger.

My decades in the trucking and transportation industry have shown me that when government attacks energy, consumers pay the bill. When energy taxes go up, so does the cost of fuel, and that makes everything that must be transported more expensive – food, clothing, electronics, furniture, almost everything we use.

Our country has been blessed by the recent discovery of huge fields of shale oil and gas. For the first time in years we could export more oil and gas than we import, if regulators would approve new export terminals for liquefied natural gas. Local companies like mine, which transport natural gas from Ohio to the entire eastern half of the United States, would benefit. So would our communities and those of us who live here.

We need to look at energy as a friend to our economy and as a leader in creating new jobs, and not as an adversary.

— Dave Schroyer, Celina