Editorial was off the mark on climate


Once again the editorial board chooses to pick facts to fit their opinions instead of using facts to form their opinions. Your editorial on climate change was utterly ridiculous.

True, there have been fewer tornadoes this year in the United States, but what about the severity of tornadoes that struck Oklahoma and other states over a three-day period in May? There were 79 touchdowns during that period resulting in nearly 5 billion dollars in property damage. So far this year, 45 people have died in the U.S. and 102 died worldwide as the result of these storms. The editorial stated that no major hurricanes have crossed our mainland in eight years. Hurricane Sandy was a major storm but reduced to category one by the the time it hit the East Coast. So, technically you are correct. Try explaining that to the people of New York City and the Jersey shore. Worldwide, 2012 was the third most active on record for named storms. And then there are the recent torrential rains that hit Colorado resulting in massive flooding.

The items mentioned include the U.S., but there is also the remainder of the globe to consider. You may argue that these events are not caused by climate change, but can you admit that it’s incumbent upon all occupants of the Earth to be good stewards of our environment? Conservatives would have you believe that efforts by organizations such as the EPA and Sierra Club do nothing but hamper the economy. Take a look at the air quality in China’s large cities where nothing is done keep the air clean. I think if you survey the scientific community, you’ll find that they believe that humans can indeed cause climate change if left unregulated.

— Ron Schoch, Warren